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                                           Stylists For Hope..                      "a cut above"            

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STYLISTS FOR HOPE is a 501(c)3 not for-profit charity. Our mission is to "Inspire hope and empowerment for those in need through beauty and style."Our organization is located in tampa / st.pete areas and we service men, women, and children who need a helping hand. Our events include many beauty services, free of charge and include but not limited to Hair, Nails, Make-up, Facials, Massages and simple styles that bring beauty and smiles to those we help. Most of our clients are in a situation they want to move upward from, We provide the beauty and style that they need to pick themselves up, get the interview, get the job and move into a better future. Our goal is to inspire those who need help into feeling the confidence and empowerment through beauty and style to inspire a better future.

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Historically, the role hair has played in people's self image goes way back. Long ago in Greek and Roman times wigs were designed as signs of wealth and status. 

Aesthetically, Hair is one of the three first impressions that people see when they look at you along with eyes and skin. Our sense of attractiveness is connected to our POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM. Simple put having good hair will make you feel empowered.

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